For bathroom areas where ceramic tile is to be applied, e.g. Shower/Bathtub areas, Concrete board should be used. The concrete board is also referred to as Wonderboard or Durock. While the Joint compound is still wet, apply the fiberglass tape over the skim coat of Joint Compound. Quick setting joint compound and fiberglass tape are generally a great improvement. Joint Compound and Fiberglass tape will also be required for Taping and Mudding. Once the tape has been installed, apply additional Joint Compound over the tape, again using the 6” wide taping knife. Apply a skim coat of joint compound over the surface of a seam using a 6” wide taping knife. To determine how much material to order, measure all of the surface area, starting with the ceilings and then the walls. Prior to starting drywall installation, you need to obtain the proper tools. Prior to hanging the drywall, make sure the building inspector has first approved the Framing, Plumbing, Electrical and Insulation jobs. Prior to actually hanging the drywall, the material first needs to be ordered and delivered. Installing Drywall, or hanging drywall as the professionals usually refer to the task, can be done by the homeowner.

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A Drywall Lift really comes in handy when hanging sheetrock/drywall on the ceilings. Joint Compound typically comes ready-mixed in 5 gallon containers. If the seam is wide, apply a liberal amount of joint compound to fill it. It is best to fasten the screws/nails to the edges of the drywall first and then fill in the field afterwards. Once the drywall has been installed, corner bead should be applied to all outside edges. Also, strips of corner bead will be required. Corner bead should be nailed every 6-8 inches and penetrate the framing. Ensure that nailers (e.g. 2” x 4”s) are existent at each corner and header, that the framing is straight, and that the framed walls create smooth planes. If your budget does not allow for this cost, Jacks (or Ts) can be made out of 2”x 4”s. The Jacks (or Ts) should be of a length such that they are just an inch or two taller than the height of the ceiling and have a cross beam that is approximately 3 in width. Understandably, slate effect tiles are a huge beneficiary of this new technology, and there are now tiles on the market with detail so accurate that it is, to all intents and purposes, impossible to distinguish them from real slate.

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Usually there are a couple of 45o angle braces connecting the crossbar to the main stem of the Jack. If not, and the thinner ones are used at the start, by the time the tiler comes to put down the thick ones, they will already be too deep to match the level of the floor, in addition to which there will no room for adhesive underneath. If you are tiling the kitchen floor, all of the standing appliances will need to go and this includes the stove, refrigerator, dishwasher and oven. Ensure the mess and tiny shards are properly disposed of before breaking the next plate. The screws or nails should be installed such that they are slightly recessed and create a small dimple without breaking the paper. Vinyl and aluminum window frames are generally able to be restored to preflood conditions with a minimal cleaning effort. In scientific terms, the vinyl group or ethenyl is a derivative of ethene, where one hydrogen atom is replaced with another group. At one time, these could only be installed by a professional, because of the relationship between the manufacturers and the contractors, but not any more. I was too afraid to bend it more than two inches!

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However, it is usually best done with two or more people as it requires significant lifting of heavy material. Some artists dont hang their pieces because they dont want to risk a falling hazard that can harm people or damage the piece. Drywall does come in larger sheets, such as 4×12, however for a Do-it-Yourself homeowner these larger sheets can become unwieldy and maybe even impossible to bring into the existing home. The adhesive of the vinyl will also need to be removed and you can scrape it or give it a good sanding to make the floor level and even. Don’t expect the plate to break in a nice, even pattern. Rows of drywall should be applied in a staggered pattern. This will create an interlocked pattern that creates a tighter and stronger ceiling/wall. Drywall screws or ringed nails will also be required. Screws or nails should be applied every 8 to 12 inches on each stud. The bottom piece should sit about ½ inches from the sub-floor.

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