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If you are a regular customer of Kroger and have a negative or positive experience to report, please go to to participate in the Kroger customer feedback survey. Upon completion of this survey you will be given the opportunity to enter their sweepstakes. The prizes include one grand prize, consisting of $5000 gift card, and 100 first prizes, each consisting of a $100 gift card.

What you need to enter the survey?

You need to have a recent Kroger rceipt that includes a 15-digit Survey Entry ID.

How to complete the Kroger Feedback Survey?

1. Visit within 7 days. You can also select the language you would like to take the survey.

2. Enter the shopping date, time and survey entry code from your receipt and click on the “Start” button.

3. Rate your satisfaction with their products and service and answer the survey questions one by one.

4. At the end of the survey, you’ll be eligible to enter the Monthly sweepstakes.

Click here to enter the Kroger feedback survey

Your comments will be used to continue improving your shopping experience at Kroger. This survey will take less than 5 minutes to complete. See website for complete rules, eligibility, Sweepstakes period, and previous winners.

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The Kroger Co. is one of the world’s largest grocery retailers, with fiscal 2012 sales of $96.8 billion. It now has about 2,640 Stores in 34 States with store formats that include grocery and multi-department stores, convenience stores and jewelry stores. Are you looking for their coupons? If yes, visit the “Saving” Category on, you can find the Weekly Ad, Digital Coupons, and the recent promotions.

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    Sometime back I made a complaint about my Baker’s Store at 888 Saddlecreek Rd. in Omaha, NE. Since that time I have noticed many positive changes in friendliness and helpfulness. The the general atmosphere seems much better with the help. Shopping has become a better experience. Thank you, Joan Riley

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    I wanted to complete the survey but I was not able to set up an account so I got frustrated and gave up. They need to make some changes so that people can actually complete the survey.

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    I went online to complete the customer satisfaction survey. I was unable to do so because there was not an entry I’d printed on my receipt. So I hope this reaches the people in charge . I go to shop at Kroger every week. I visit the Norwood Ohio location in Cincy Each time I shop at the pharmacy, I get exceptional service. The c!erks generally helping me is Tia, Jo and today Amber. These ladies always go the “extra mi!e” in bring great customer service. They even address me by my name. That to me is what I call pleasing customer service. They are knowledgeable about my insurance and always make sure i get my medicine in a prompt and speedy time frame.I wanted someone at your head office to know what good representatives you have at that location. Thank you very much for your time and service. Toni Wallace 513-376-4072.

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    June 13, 2015
    I shopped @ my local Kroger store on 6/11. My cashier Belinda went out of her way to be helpful. I enjoy shopping at this location because the employees are so friendly and helpful, Thank you! Sincerely, Sue Edwards/Alston

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    I also was trying to do the survey but had no entry id on my receipt. I was glad to see the kroger on Col. Glen in LR AR off of Asher getting remodeled but now that it’s complete it’s a horrible entrance it’s so Little only one person at a time can go through and in that area not to many people are nice. I’ve always gone to this kroger but after today’s visit with the rude check out guy name william and the UNeasy way of getting in and out I will not go to this one.

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    For the past 3 weeks I have filled out all info from my receipt to get 50 gas points added to my FRYS card, however none have been added! What’s up with that? I think I will start shopping at SAFEWAY and see if their gas point system works any better!

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    I was in your Lincoln, IL store Wednesday July 8th around 7pm. I was there basically to window shop and get knowledge of glutten free and lactose free products as I have just been diagnosed with ulcers in the colon and told do this special FODMAP diet. I was looking at the health food section where most of your organics are- I did find some glutten free cereals, snacks etc. I didn’t see bread. I went to the bread isle and was really scanning brans and labels for glutten free. I found little or nothing. As I turned around to ask the bakery/deli staff if they could be of assistance I seen a small rack with glutten free bread, bagels, and pizza crust. The gals at the deli/bakery said they thought that was all that was sold in the store. One had refered me to the refrigerated/frozen section and the other mentioned the Ezekial bread. Someone also called the grocery guy and he was very helpful although I was still somewhat disappointed. He offered to let me try a loaf of the Udi’s bread for free. He went to the back to get a sticker and put his name on it. Kevin told me they do this on occassion in hopes that I the customer would get online to give some feedback and to mention him. I also asked Kevin about lactose free yogurt. He wasn’t sure but took me to the yogurt section to help me look as he said that a lot of the stores are integrating this with all other products instead of seperately. We found nothing but did say that they had lactose free ice cream. He tried to tell me that if the warehouse had something that it could be ordered to the store if the store did not have it readily available. He also said that there was a night shift person who had gone glutten and lactose free organic and she had said that Kroger had bought some kind of health food company and wished that she was there to help with the name of what you had bought out. I will try to look online to see if I can figure out what he was talking about, or hopefully you will respond to this comment. He said the whole glutten and lactose free things are fairly new and that you have recently gotten in more products than what there use to be. I also understand that if you do not have the demand for something of course you are not going to sell it. I would much rather buy from your store than have to drive to Springfield or Bloomington to a health food store to get what I need. Thanks!

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    I am a VERY frequent shopper at Kroger, mainly at the Mall Boulevard store(very close to my work location) and the Berwick store(very close to my home). Well I experience a very terrible after shopping experience at the Mall Boulevard store. This particular day Kroger was having a side walk sale on their apparel. I purchase exactly $72.05 of merchandise. I went through the check out and a cashier name Ebony checked me out. Once I paid for my merchandise I waited on my co worker to check out as well and as I was waiting for her I was in a conversation with someone. Well we was done checking out and we proceeded to walk out the door, literally we was outside on the side walk and then one of the Kroger employees ABRUTLY YELLED OUT LOUD, Mam, did you pay for those items and did you go to the self check out? I immemdiately stopped and looked at her and responded yes i did do you want to see the receipt? She then proceeded and ask the same from my co worker! First of all she should not have address me like that, especially in that loud and direspectful manner. I WAS VERY EMBARASSED and UPSET. I called the store and spoke to the manager name Chris when I returned to work and he apoligize and said he understood but it was very impersonal and unconcern. I told him I will be returning the merchandise and once again his reaction was very poor and his response was, yes you can, but make sure you have thr recieipt. Really what a response! You think, I had the receipt when I purchase the items, and I will have the receipt when I return them. The customer service at this store and of this high area of customer realations was very, very poor and unsatisfactory! And in the future, the employees need to be very, very mindful on how to address a customer in a situation of this area high importance of merchandise being paid or even not paid for if they are not CERTAIN! However, in my case my merchandise was completely scanned by a cashier and paid for!

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    Very satisfied with excellence of the work of check-out clerk, Reva, and bagger, Sandy, at Western Avenue Kroger store in Chillicothe, Ohio, on 7-9-2015.

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    We have always had great service at the Burwick store with exception of we bought two rotisserie chickens last week and when we sit down to dinner they were raw inside in fact they were still red inside. Your bakery doesn’t have birthday cakes with butter frosting unless you order it ahead of time. I through the chickens in the trash and went somewhere else to buy my cakes. We have shopped krogers for years and that is the only complaints I have had that isn’t to bad.

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