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Drains for your shower at a fraction of the cost as well as brand new Marble-ite kitchen. I do the same thing to the outside of the door as well. Then I lightly, run it along the high edges of the each door. After this coat has dried it would be a good time to add any black board paint to the inset of the inside of the door if you like. It was a time warp. 4. Time for paint. I used cream Behr laytex semi-gloss paint that I have used on several different projects. After giving the room a coat of the same paint color as our hall bath (Behr Rain Washed), I turned my attention to conquering the clutter problem. How to Paint Laminate Counters – Steven and Chris. In the beginning, there were very ugly yellowish/greenish counters. Now to the master bedroom, the king sized bed was staying so there wasn’t really room for side tables but you need side tables, so I built two and attached them to the wall, installing the as they are keeps clutter from the tables out of sight. I need to paint mine, they look just like your did before you painted them.

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Somehow I needed to figure out a way to make everything look more coordinated. If you are using the oil based glaze, make SURE you ask for the tints that work with oil. I prefer oil based because of the extra durability and stickiness, but I went ahead and used up the last of the water based primer that I already had left before purchasing another quart of oil based primer. You can see it on the very left of the photo below. You should see little white flecks of laminate coming off. One major problem I wanted to tackle was to create a prettier storage area using one of the existing laminate bookcases I had. Pental Quartz Countertop Surfaces Sale Price 3Installed. San Diego, San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange County area in California. I wanted to have four chairs in this area but we compromised on three to keep it open and I think it was a good decision. I also made the bench at the foot of the bed , the lid open to store magazines and books and baskets are beneath it. There were no cabinets in the laundry room so right away we moved one cabinet from the kitchen into the laundry room and I built extra open shelving.

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So that is what we did but we just used the standard cabinet we had , no one will ever know. Leslie Marmol SocietyShop Leslie Marmol s SocietyShop as one of the thousands of artists creating unique art from around the world. I mostly followed her instructions which really ended up being the same steps I used when I painted the bathroom vanity cabinets in both our hall bath and master bathroom. Want an easy, inexpensive color change for your bathroom? You just want to lightly scratch the surface without going all the way through. Sand, prime, paint, and be very careful not to scratch anything! 5th Wheel, bathroom, camping, countertop paint, epoxy, fabric, Fifth Wheel. D x L Granite Matte Vanity Laminate Countertop. Chiseled Edge – Choice Granite Los Angeles, CA. Compare How Much Granite vs Quartz Countertops Cost – Pros. As for the second part of your question, it appears that you may have used too much wax and then not wiped off the excess before buffing.

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Remember to push the Soft Wax into the paint and then wipe off any excess with a soft clean cloth prior to buffing. Both bookcases were given the same paint color. I let both bookcases dry for five days before putting anything on top of them. I let the primer dry overnight before moving on to the painting step. If you don’t let the paint totally dry and cure for several days, you could end up with things sticking to the paint or the paint chipping more easily. When I did some research online to find out if paint would even stick to laminate, I came across a very helpful post on the subject on the blog Living with Lindsay. Cabinet Countertop Paint – The Home Depot Shop our selection of Cabinet Countertop Paint in the Paint Department at The Home Depot. Tape around the cabinet bases. Since I don’t sew, I used some iron on tape to hem each side and the bottom. Then I just used double stick tape to adhere the paper to the back of the bookcase. 7. Add accessories, then step back and enjoy your bookcase’s new look! This step is optional, but gives the piece a more finished look.

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