If it doesn’t go in, let the machine rest for 10 minutes before putting it to labor again. Let it remain for about 30 minutes, then pour 1-2 qts. If the clog is not too severe and it’s easily dissolved, then this simple method may just work. If you don’t see where it’s plugged in, you may have to turn the power off to the garbage disposal on your breaker panel. When you are done with these troubleshooting steps, turn on a strong stream of cold water and hit the disposal switch. Turn on the circuit breaker supplying power to the disposal’s switch. 1. Switch the machine off. Sometimes the motor might seem strong enough to grind other things, but trying that will definitely damage the machine permanently. Work the wrench as a handle and turn the motor slowly (it’s okay to use some force if it doesn’t turn easily) until it rotates a whole circle in both directions.

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If the disposal is still clogged, turn the power back off and use a long wooden spoon or dowel to reach into the disposal. Using a universal jam wrench (or an Allen wrench to save a few dollars), turn the blades back and forth, maybe even doing a few full rotations of the blades. Tools: Jam Buster wrench, flashlight, pliers or tongs. Use a pair of tongs or pliers to remove any visual debris/ blockage. Whatever is causing the blockage in your plumbing assembly make sure it gets cleared. If doing this step does not unclog your drain, you will have to try to remove and clean out the plumbing assembly from under your sink. 1. Call a plumber before the big event to inspect your plumbing. 7. If the plunger does the trick and the garbage disposal is working well but you are still seeing that the sink is draining water slowly, you can try using the plunger again and perhaps following it up with any of the methods we talk about in our article on When To Call A Plumber For A Clogged Sink.

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Now, let’s get to it: let’s try to figure out what causes garbage disposals, all of a sudden, to act up like they do. Food can clog garbage disposals when it isn’t broken down enough to be flushed out of the drainpipe. A few rotations tend to loosen whatever is blocking the motor, and you can then reach back into the sink and pull it out. This prevents dirty water from flowing back into the dishwasher cabinet. 5. If you notice that the water is not draining, repeat the process 2 or 3 times. Basically, just wait for the machine to recover, realize that your machine has a limit and slow down the process from now on. After understanding the reasons, it should be easier now to mend these occurrences. For some reasons, many use their garbage disposals like a trash can. 2. Use the jam buster/ allen wrench (for unit with hex hole) or a long handled tool (for unit with NO hex hole).

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Armed with an allen wrench or a hex head wrench, get under the sink and dislodge whatever is causing the garbage disposal to jam. Inexpensive garbage disposal wrench clears a jammed disposer. Fit the hex wrench into the hole, and force it back and forth a few times to free the impellers. That should bring the food waste disposer back to normal. Give the disposer a minute to cool off. A P-Trap is a pipe which is connected to the waste disposer. Jamming and clogging are the two most popular problems of food waste disposers. While jamming is a mechanical issue, clogging lies more on maintenance. For more advice on hosting the Superbowl or any other large gathering, read our Party Checklist. 4. Learn where your isolation and main water shut-off valves are located in the event of an emergency. The first thing you need to do is shut off the power to the garbage disposal at the main circuit breaker.

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You don’t need any tools. Don’t put your hand down the garbage disposal unless you are 100 percent certain the appliance is not connected to a power source. Even if you have something like the Waste King L-8000 with a 1 HP motor, which is comparatively strong, but don’t put any efforts into managing the daily rubbish or into routine cleaning, clogs will definitely end up stacking. Also, when you’re working to unclog your garbage disposal, never put your hand down your kitchen sink drain in an effort to reach the clog or something else that may be stuck. So, why not try your hand at fixing the problem with a few simple home remedies before calling in the professionals? 5. Watch the video below for tips on fixing your garbage disposal unit, including instructions for how to take it apart. It’s a fairly difficult DIY project to replace your garbage disposal unit, but if you’re up to it, here is a DIY guide for garbage disposal replacement. It’s definitely not about strong and weak machines. Admittedly, stronger machines help produce finer ground results that reduce the risk of clogging.

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