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She spoke highly of her admiration for his parenting skills after listening to his inspiring story of how he was embarking on a trip around Australia with his two sons ‘on a quest to skate every single skate park’. There were 2 kids there, long blonde haired kids who’s skating skills defied the laws of gravity and who spoke kindly, respectfully to the younger less talented kids like mine. Not only does it freshen up fabrics – it doesn’t leave an odour once it’s dry like you might expect. Wash and dry your neck, apply and leave for 20 minutes. Simply give the pieces a rinse under water afterwards and carefully dry them off before wearing again. I warned my ex husband many months ago that if he wanted to try and reunite he should do it before I give up completely. If you want to eliminate odours from around your home then try spraying a little vodka onto musty upholstery, curtains or rugs. If your clothes are beginning to smell and you don’t have time put a load in the washing machine, try spraying a little vodka onto them.

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Now they are together. He said: ‘The bins are very difficult to clean so we got these sacks. Share After each collection, they planned to replace the tightly-fitted heavy-duty refuse sacks in order to keep the recycling bins as fresh as possible. Mix one cup of vodka with 9 tablespoons of cinnamon and keep it in a sealed, air-tight container for two weeks. Binmen have refused to empty a family’s recycling bins because they used a plastic liner to keep it clean and smelling fresh. When a lorryload of recycling arrives at the processing facility, the whole load could be rejected and sent to landfill or incineration if it contains recycling inside bags, known as ‘bagged waste’. This is why we ask residents not to put recycling inside bags because, unfortunately, wheelie bin liners can become unattached very easily, effectively making them big bin bags. We even recycle our tin foil and that is why I asked for two blue bins.

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Wife Nicola, 47, added: ‘Our bins end up smelling because we recycle everything. Or if there is an old lager bottle even when you clean them out you end up with residue, and when you have cooked a chicken what am I supposed to do to clean the tin foil? The black bin liners sit inside the bin and won’t come out when collected because of how they fit in the bin. Fans were quick to point out the last social media post Ms Hall shared about her husband was on Valentines Day – February 14 this year. If you’ve been walking all day and realise your shoes aren’t as fresh-smelling as they were that morning, crack open the vodka bottle. Not only is vinegar good at cleaning windows, vodka gets the job done, too. If your jewellery is beginning to lose its shine, try soaking dull necklaces and rings in vodka for a few minutes. Grab a flannel, pour a little vodka on it and then wipe your feet,’ the site says. EXPERT VERDICT: In my opinion, there is little point in using gold with the hope of stimulating collagen deposition.

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If you don’t have any mouthwash, whip up a home-made version using vodka. But vodka doesn’t just come in handy behind a bar. The cinnamon will fuse with the vodka to create a mouthwash that freshens your breath. The other man that I have supposedly ‘run off with’ Denim, I can whole heartedly say that Bill and I were well and truly over well before I even developed any feelings for him. Expert Home Tips has compiled a list of surprising ways the spirit can help with a whole range of household tasks – from keeping flowers fresher for longer to giving glass a sparkling finish. But I am dedicated to my job, so I pour a glass of wine and lie in the bath for half an hour, ignoring cries and pleas from the children for help with homework, dirty games kit and food. But I feel for the children involved must be very confusing! And I kinda feel for her ex husband.

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Her latest holiday snaps comes just two weeks after she revealed her split from her husband after the couple ‘stopped enjoying each other and the kids stopped seeing happiness in our love, only contempt. Father-of-two Denim Cooke has been by the Australian mummy blogger’s side in Ireland to promote her book ‘Like a Queen’ – less than three weeks after she publicly announced her split from her husband of six years Bill Mahon. The Perth mother-of-four, who is currently in Ireland to promote her book ‘Like a Queen’, took to social media to say: ‘I don’t have to justify my actions to anyone’. The post is just one of many on her social media accounts as Constance documents her movements as soon as she travelled this week. Constance Hall is on her way to Ireland without me. Earlier, Mr Mahon confirmed he is in Ireland at the same time his wife tours the country but insisted he has no intention of getting in touch with her.

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Mummy Blogger Constance Hall Dismisses Cheating Claims feel for the children involved