Hazardous household waste may cause a fire or explosion, or give off dangerous fumes. Because motor oil can contaminate our water supply if disposed of improperly, all Volusia County residents should recycle used motor oil at the oil recycling “igloos” at most county fire stations and other facilities. Your local fire department can always help. If you have any questions, call your landfill, local wastewater treatment company, local waste management office, or the local county Extension office. Local ordinances vary. Landfills may or may not accept certain hazardous household products. Recycling helps reduce the overall demand for hazardous household products and the amount of waste produced. Baumann says that educating residents on handling household chemicals is particularly important, as mismanaging these substances can be dangerous for consumers. He says these grants may be awarded to counties, towns, villages, cities, tribes, sanitary and sewerage districts, or regional planning commissions to facilitate better and more uniform disposal practices.

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Some items may even allow you to request a mail kit where you can simply send the item back for a company to recycle. If these items are broken or not recycled, they can release harmful levels of mercury into the environment. In addition, hazardous household wastes poured down the drain may corrode the plumbing or collect in the trap and release fumes through the drains. You may have some of this in your possession and be wondering how to dispose of old gasoline. Use gasoline to degrease metal surfaces. I have a 5 gallon heavy gauge open top can that I use. Used motor oil typically contains numerous toxic chemicals, heavy metals and other impurities that make it particularly harmful to the environment. Dispose of the oil off carefully by placing it in a gas can. Mix it with fresh gas in your car. Oil and transmission fluids from your car and lawn mower can be recycled. Take the old oil outside when you’re pouring it in a gas can for disposing of. If pouring stirs up the solid, pour the liquid through a funnel lined with an old sheet.

Old gasoline can have contaminants like rust, dirt, and even water in it. But it will be a black sooty cloud, and I don’t want it to look like a napalm run in the Mekong Delta. When you change your oil, the first step is to transfer the used oil into a tight, leak-proof container (like a gallon milk jug) — making sure not to spill any on the ground in the process. When there is no real reduction in overall pollution, why take the extra steps to change our habits and install energy efficient technology? Instead, we need drastic measures to achieve real production and savings. Buy only as much as you need. First, you need to know if what you’re throwing away is, indeed, hazardous waste. First, you’ll want to blot the excess off with a white cloth. They also may vary on how they want the product to arrive at the landfill.

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For example, one landfill may want you to solidify (air-dry) paint and wrap the container. Another landfill may want paint handled a different way. For example, many paint removers and aerosol paint products contain the chemical methylene chloride. When products are fully used up as intended there is no hazardous waste. They are a bottomless financial drain that also harm and kill millions of Americans annually, as explained below in article I, “Conventional Drug and Surgery Therapies are the Culprit to Our Health Crisis.” Article II, “Common Alternative Therapies Cannot Solve Our Health Crisis” further supports the fact that the root cause of our crisis is a therapeutic problem. Toxic materials in that wastewater can kill the helpful bacteria and the system will not operate properly. When you pour hazardous household products down the sink or flush them down the toilet the hazardous materials enter either a septic system or a municipal sewer system.

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